CodexFit Features

Customer Retention and Loyalty

automated CRM flows

Automated Marketing

Using our Automator, Klaviyo or Mailchimp, you can automatically message customers whether to remind them to make a booking, celebrate a milestone or to reward them for referring a friend.

Milestone Tracking

Send a customer a free credit after their 10th class or tag a customer so front of house know who's new to high five on their first visit. You setup your actions to reward return customers and CodexFit handles it automatically.

Refer a Friend

Build a successful refer a friend programme rewarding both the original customer and your newly converted customer.

Easy Studio Management

studio management made easy

Easily Manage Classes

Substitute an instructor with just a couple of clicks, pre-warn a class of a studio change by sending a quick SMS, post next month’s timetable by using a duplicate tool - we make the everyday tasks easy and fast. 

Lightening fast check-ins

We've worked behind the desks at check-in. That's why we know we need to make buying things and checking in customers fast. 1 click to buy and 1 click to check-in.

Spot booking

Build your own studios with a drag and drop studio layout builder. Then let customers book their favourite spot and show the same layout to front of house to help them direct customers.

Flexible Integration & Fast Migration

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Easy Migrations

Using built in automated migration tools, we can move your data in a matter of minutes from ZingFit, Mind Body Online, Fisikal, and GloFox.

Flexible Integrations

We don't use iFrames and we don't send your customers to our website when they want to book and buy something. Instead, we integrate CodexFit fully into your website so your customers stay with you and build brand loyalty.

Great Support

CodexFit is a powerful and flexible booking platform and we back it up with thorough training, a well documented support knowledge base and excellent customer service replying to 80% of emails within 3 hours.

Digital Studio

 A depiction of a digital studio showing instructors leading a class

On-Demand & Live Streaming

Serve up unlimited on-demand videos and live streams with tailored content, chat, and bookmarking integrated with CodexFit’s flexible credit and subscription management. Plus, customers use the same login from the studio to on-demand.

On-Demand Workouts

Offer an unlimited range of workouts, all easily discoverable and immediately available from anywhere on any device.

Live Streams

Host live classes either with a 1-way stream or even support more intimate Zoom 2-way calls.


Create collections of workouts so customers can follow along a series, get more of their favourite instructor or work towards a goal.

What Else?

Gym Studio

What Else?

Franchise and Multiple Brands

Operate more than one brand all from a single CodexFit dashboard. Better yet, your customers have a single login to make cross-brand activations easier than ever.

Integrated On-Demand & Live Streaming

Built into CodexFit is a fully featured on-demand and live streaming so alongside offering studio bookings (or in lieu of), you can host an unlimited catalog of workouts in addition to streaming live either 1-way or Zoom.

Mailchimp Integration

CodexFit sends loads of data to Mailchimp so you can create campaigns to engage your best customers, get customers back who may have registered but not booked, or target customers on subscription to encourage them to use their benefits.


CodexFit's POS integrates fully with Stripe Terminal to take physical cards or Apple/Google payments making customer purchasing in-studio quick.

Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo's Flows got a name for how they enable Shopify stores to engage customers and now CodexFit offers the same. So whether you want to send customers a nudge if they haven't booked in two weeks or welcome someone who just purchased an intro offer, our integration is the ultimate CRM engagement tool.

Studio Builder for Spot Scheduling

Build your studio and rename slots so you can setup your spaces and update customers all with just a few clicks.

Quick Buy

Trying to check 50 customers into a class but need to buy someone socks or a water? Make the purchase and carry on with your check-ins all without having to leave the page.

Flexible Permissions

Our access control can be finely tuned so you can decide exactly who can do what in CodexFit. Define as many roles as you'd like and add permissions ensuring each user you give access to CodexFit can only do what their role requires.


Getting customers onto subscriptions is one of the best ways to build stable revenue all the while offering an easy booking experience.

Our subscriptions are flexible so you can offer billing weekly, monthly or annually alongside a separate booking window. Decide you want to combine monthly billing but with a specific number of bookings to use each month? Simple. CodexFit handles it all.

With automatic minimum term enforcement, pausing and trial periods, our subscriptions are supremely flexible so you can offer the best product possible.

Buddy/Guest Passes

Sell bundles of credits that includes a buddy/guest pass. When customers book, CodexFit automatically takes a credit for the customer booking and if they have a buddy credit, the system is smart enough to automatically take it for the second booking.

Buddy/Guest passes help you turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors therefore building brand loyalty while, at the same time, attracting new faces.


Want to congratulate a customer after their 5th class or let someone know they left their wallet behind in the studio? Send an SMS directly from CodexFit either automatically or as and when needed. 


CodexFit works exclusively with Stripe giving you the best rates of any card processor globally. And with our Stripe integration at checkout, you can offer both credit/debit card payments as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna and ClearPay.

Apple and Google Pay

With both our Stripe Terminal POS in CodexFit and on your website, you’ll benefit from express checkout options with Apple and Google Pay.

Instructor Substitutions and Class Updates

Easily swap out an instructor and automatically notify the class of the change. Or, make other changes like what credits or subscriptions are accepted – Everything can be done with a couple of clicks and customer relevant updates are automatically sent.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

CodexFit offers a range of cancellation policies with automatic late fee charges so you can setup a system that suits your brand.


Offer customers a fixed amount off or a percentage based discount on just a credit bundle or a subscription. With automatic usage rules and advanced level settings, discounts can be setup in a minute and then shared with customers in Mailchimp, Klaviyo or even more easily with our Automator.

Quick Check In

Our class check in screen shows you the layout of the studio in addition to key customer details like shoe size all the while allowing you to make quick purchases and continue to check customers in with just one click.

Automated Waitlist Management

We make waitlist management simple so you can ensure every class gets filled up. Our smart automatic allocation ensures customers are given enough notice to get to your studio and if it's cutting it a bit close to the class starting, we have a clever short notice system to give customers the option to take a slot.

ClassPass Integration

CodexFit is fully connected to ClassPass even giving you the option to decide how ClassPass customers get assigned a slot in your class so you can ensure the front of the studio can be filled up by your own customers.

Instructor Payroll

Setup different payroll rates for each instructor or even different rates per class. Use a combination of a base fee plus bonus (to reward for more customers booked into the class), too. Then get a full report as often as you like which calculates how much to pay each instructor easily.