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Studio Operations
Can we charge different rates for a popular morning class compared with a slower Friday evening class?

Yes! When you set up an event, you can tell each event what should be accepted so you can sell customers universal credits that work for everything and off-peak credits that only work during off-peak events like those on Friday night or weekends.

What’s the difference between credits and subscriptions?

Customers can purchase a bundle of credits which, once used, is gone. A subscription renews automatically at the interval you set up. So imagine you set up a subscription to renew monthly and which gives a customer up to 10 bookings. After 1 month, they get charged automatically and another 10 bookings they can use.

Can customers buy a membership/subscription?

Yes. You can set up as many different subscriptions as you’d like and sell them, including unlimited subscriptions or for a certain number of bookings per month or even different subscriptions for different concepts like one subscription for ride classes and another for reformer . You can also setup join fees and trial periods to entice customers with offers.

Can customers select their place in a room (i.e. a specific bike)?

Yes. You can use your drag and drop studio builder to setup your room all without any help needed from us. And then customers automatically see the layout and can pick their spot with a single click.

Do you integrate with ClassPass?


How easy is it to substitute an instructor?

You can substitute an instructor with a few quick clicks. And you can also do this in bulk so if someone is sick, you can automatically update all of their classes for a certain date range in about 10 seconds or less.

How many users do we get with our monthly fee?

We charge a fixed fee per month per location. This then includes unlimited number of users so you can give an account to each staff member. We also have super granular permissions so you can decide exactly what each user can see and do.

How do waitlists work?

Our waitlist feature is fully automated. So customers on a waitlist will automatically get a spot in a class when one becomes available if it’s more than a certain number of hours before a class starts. But if it’s nighttime before a class or just a couple hours before a class, CodexFit is smart enough to know we shouldn’t automatically move customers into a class (that would be a bit rude) so we ask everyone on the waitlist if they want the spot. This ensures your classes are full and customers are in control.

Payments & Subscription Management
How can customers pay?

We integrate with Stripe so customers can store as many credit/debit cards on their account. You can then charge the card they select as their default in the studio, too. Customers can also use other methods you enable like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Klarna.

In studio, you can charge a card stored on a customer’s account or use Stripe’s Terminal alongside CodexFit’s built in POS.

Do you automatically charge customers for their subscriptions?

Yes. When you set up a subscription, you decide how often a customer is billed and then this will happen automatically.

Can customers pause their subscription?

Yes and you can also limit how many times each subscription can be paused for. If you decide to enable it, customers can manage their own pauses in the my account area, too. For the most part, we encourage you to allow customers to pause per billing period (i.e. 1 month or 1 week at a time) but you can also pause for any length of time using our immediate pausing feature.

On-Demand and Live Streaming
How many videos can we have in our on-demand library?

Totally unlimited. You’ll upload your videos to Vimeo and CodexFit automatically syncs all videos. All you need to do is update the video with the instructor and class type then make it available to your customers.

How can we stream classes?

Yes. We support 1-way streaming of classes through Vimeo and we also have a deep integration with Zoom that supports 2-way streaming.

Can customers use their same account to view videos?

Yes. The same login is used whether customers want to watch classes online or book in the studio. Even better, if customers have a payment card attached to their account, the same card can be used to buy for both your online operation and studio.

Reporting and Data
What kind of reports do you have?

We offer reports for everything from automatically calculating the revenue brought in per class, what to pay instructors, instructors schedules, summaries of all orders/charges, subscription revenue and usage, bookings, credit liability, amongst many other metrics you can grab whenever needed.

Can we do instructor payroll?

Yes. CodexFit allows you to setup different payroll for each instructor and you can also change this for each class. You’ll be able to decide whether to offer a fixed base rate or a % of the revenue. And then as a bonus, you can decide if you want to give a fixed of % share for different tiers, i.e. offer £5 additional for every 5 customers who booked into the class.

At the end of each month, easily run a report that will automatically tell you how much to pay each instructor.

How long do you keep data for?

CodexFit keeps your data indefinitely.

Do you have any way to access data using a visualisation tool?

We offer unparalleled access to live data via our visualisation add-on tool called Metabase. You can ask questions like how many new customers signed up today or how many bookings each instructor took over the past 30 days. All easily accessible then via dashboard you can create and share a link to or even get an automated email with an update on a regular basis.

CRM, Notifications and Automations
Do you integrate with any CRM provider?

Yes. We integrate with both Mailchimp and Klaviyo. Mostly this is useful for marketing emails. CodexFit will send its own email automatically for things like booking confirmations or purchase receipts, too.

Can we send SMS or emails to customers?

Yes. You can send an unlimited number of emails from CodexFit and SMS are charged at £0.05 per message or approx $0.06.

How does your Mailchimp integration work?

If you have Mailchimp enabled, we send data like what subscription a customer has, how many credits they have, their lifetime value and date of birth. So you can use this to automatically send customers messages when they register, when they buy a subscription, or when they’re low on credits.

How does your Klaviyo integration work?

If you have Klaviyo enabled, we send lots of different information like who the customer is, which classes they booked into, what events they have attended, what bundles they buy or what subscriptions they purchase. Read more here:

How are Mailchimp and Klaviyo different?

CodexFit syncs in bigger picture data to Mailchimp, for instance the total number of bookings a customer made. What we can't do with Mailchimp is send them an event when a customer attends an event. In Klaviyo we can which means you can tell a Klaviyo Flow to do something after a certain number of conditions are met. For instance, send an email after a customer attended at least 5 boxing events with Joe. That level of granularity you won't be able to get in Mailchimp or the Automator and it's where Klaviyo is helpful.

What do the automations in CodexFit do?

Our automation system is powerful! It’s based on the idea that when something happens and a condition is met, then do an action.

So, if a customer attends a class and it’s their 10th class, then we can send them an email and give them a free credit.

Or, if a customer purchases a particular subscription, we can send them a specific email with the T&Cs.

Integrating on Your Website
What websites can you integrated CodexFit onto?

We can integrate onto any website that allows us to run a script. This includes Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, Framer and Webflow plus many others. Just get in touch if you have more questions.

How is the CodexFit integration different from MindBodyOnline, ZingFit or GloFox?

Other platforms either use pop-ups, iFrames or just totally push your visitors off to their websites. That’s jarring and it means customers are having the relationship with your booking platform rather than your brand. CodexFit is different and gets added directly to your website so it never feels like a customer is leaving your website. From simply adding a bundle to the cart to buying or booking and managing their account, they never leave your website meaning they form the relationship with you.

What kind of support do you provide?

During the integration and migration, you will get dedicated support from a project manager at twotwentyseven ensuring you have a single point of contact to ask questions.

We also offer multiple trainings to ensure everyone on your team from admins, to front of hours and accountants understand how to use various parts of the system.

Once we launch, we offer quick and speedy email support plus an extensive knowledge base with video guides to help you both understand how to do common things and to help train new staff.

How quickly do you reply to questions?

We have a pretty good track record and on average reply to 80% of emails within 3 hours. Our support team works 9:30AM-5:30PM Monday to Friday on London hours.

Availability - Countries
Where is CodexFit available?

We operate everywhere Stripe operates with studios actively using CodexFit in the UK, France, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand we also have brands operating globally using our on-demand and live streaming features.

What payment processor does CodexFit use?

We process all payments with Stripe. You get the relationship so none of this funny business where we tack on an extra fee per transaction, too.

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